Welcome to my recipe index.

Do you need some AWESOME recipes to go with your AWESOME lifestyle?

Need healthy but also delicious?

Need a variety but don’t want anything too difficult to make?

Look no further. I have three children and need my recipes easy, health conscious, and yummy!

I want everyone in my family to thrive in all areas of life! We need energy, we need to be healthy, and we want to be focused. We want to be positive, loving, and thoughtful.

So what do we need everyday to be our very best?

Tons of living foods! Foods from nature! Whole foods! Foods that haven’t been through a long process to get to my table.

We want food from nature because it has the most nutrients that our body needs, to repair, to heal, and for real energy!

I think it’s very important to get rid of refined sugar. It’s been heated at high temperatures and has been stripped all its nutrients (that is how molasses is made). So we did a purge and got rid of all (and I mean all) refined sugar in our home. Anything that we couldn’t replace didn’t get replaced! There are recipes here on my blog that can help you create your own!!!

We avoid foods that have been refined, have had chemicals added to it, along with artificial flavors and colours. foods that have been pasteurized, heated at high temperatures with oils, and have been processed.

Almost all of my recipes are gluten-free for those who have Celiac’s Disease or want to give their gut a break of heavy digesting. If you love bread but want the best kind for your body I highly recommend eating sprouted grain bread. A good quality organic heavy rye or spelt bread is second best. No more white or W.W. bread PLEASE! Also look for the words “fortified and enriched”. It means all the natural nutrients has been taken out, through heavy processing, and then synthetic (cheap & fake) nutrients has been added back in.

Fermented foods are extremely healthy for you, so fermented Soy Sauce (like Bragg’s Liquid Aminos), Kombucha, Kimchi, Sauerkraut, fermented Veggies, etc. Fermented foods contain probiotics – good bacteria, vitamin K2, help you detoxify out the garbage, AND fermented foods & drinks are way better than supplements.

If you’re just starting to eat healthy just add more fruit and veggies to your diet, drink plenty of water in between snacking and meals, and get active! Walk, jog, run, join a Zumba class, do yoga at home, just move your butt and make sure you are proud of your accomplishments!! I am proud of you!

Now get in the kitchen and cut, chop, dice, and slice those veggies, make a salad and a nice meal to go along with it. Eat it and feel grateful that you’re on the road to health!

Please feel free to leave me a message and please share and pin as many as you like. Love your food and your body!

FYI: Almost all of these recipes are free of gluten and can be modified if your vegan, paleo, or whatever your jam is!





raw maca almond milk     








      coconut curry rice   



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