My *NEW* Book – Love Your Healthy Life

So, where do I start?

Hmm probably at the end of my last book.

It’s been 2 years since I finished ‘Healthy Food, Healthy Home, Healthy Life’ and so much has happened.

Being a parent has never been harder, being a wife has had it’s ups and downs, being a health conscious individual has had its moments, but all in all, life is pretty damn great.

Looking back I am in total awe of the lessons I learned and the growth that I’ve seen, in not just my life, but in all of our lives.

Being healthy is not easy at times. Especially when you let your ego take control of your thoughts and when the inspiration is gone; when you find yourself in a rut life is just not the same.

This is when I really started to look for tools that would help me and my family thrive, not just in good health but mentally. Mindfully.

Love Your Healthy Life is my new book that contains my heart and my soul. It has my tears and my fears. It has my truth and vulnerability, all in one place. Don’t worry it’s not my journal.



I first met Mandy at a Health fair in 2015. We were both sharing our passions for wellness and she was promoting her first book ‘Healthy Food, Healthy Home, Healthy Life’. That day we made a lovely connection as she shared her passion for nutrition and wellness with me. I felt blessed as I knew I had just made a new friend. She had an attractive display of delicious healthy treats & fresh flavoured bubbly kombucha. I’m a wellness foody and was delighted to nourish myself with her creations. I bought one of her recipe books and noticed it’s full of great recipes, one of my favourite go-to books when I wish to try something new!

Congratulations, on receiving your new wellness guide ‘Love Your Healthy Life’! Mandy is an amazing young woman on a mission, her story she is about to share with you is so inspiring. I hope you are ready to transform the life you are living into the greatest version of your wildest dreams. Anything is possible when you believe, make a conscious effort, and incorporate these new lifestyle practices that Mandy has laid out in an easy to follow and inspiring way. Start where ever you are at and feel the benefits of applying these lifestyle tips into your life now, step by step adding new tools, un-layering and letting go of old patterns. You will feel refreshed, renewed, and fully alive! Trust me it will be life changing!

Are you feeling sluggish, tired or bloated? Depressed, sad or just uninspired? Do you want to feel your best? Regain your health, your happiness and thrive again? This interactive book will give you the tools you need to upgrade your life and live it to your fullest!

Mandy’s passion for living a healthy life is contagious. Be prepared to start new routines or as I like to think of them as daily self-care rituals, try delicious new recipes, and feel better than you ever have before, mind, body, & soul! Mandy is inspiring, energetic, passionate, kind, funny, joyful, and creative, beautiful healthy young woman with an amazing vision; to help others live their life to the fullest!

Oh, and if you get a chance, join in on one of her Radiance Challenges! It will help take you to the next level.


In Wellness,

Kristi Walker

Wholistic Nutritionist, Aromatherapist, Herbalist,

Organic Gardener, RAW Foods Chef & Wellness Spa Practitioner

“To me, living a healthy life isn’t about being super skinny, or about having a six pack, or about never getting sick! It’s about feeling good internally. It’s about feeling happy more than unhappy. It’s about being confident in your decisions. It’s about having the energy to do the things you love. It’s about looking at life in a positive light, instead of looking at the world like it’s against you. Healthy living is about using your power to take a stand in your own life — to say yes to what benefits your body, mind, and soul, and to loudly say no to the things that don’t. It’s about enjoying life and looking forward to accomplishing goals. It’s about learning to see the beauty in all things and to let go of fear. It’s about being at your body’s natural healthy weight and to feel strong and powerful. It’s about learning to love exercise because it makes you feel good. It’s about learning and constantly improving. It’s about loving ourselves and treating our bodies with respect. It’s about finding out what our talents and gifts are and sharing them with the world. It’s about creativity, purpose, and passion. It’s about being there for your family while being a great role model for your kids.

Being healthy helps you appreciate your life!”


Love your Healthy Life is a collection of lessons (and recipes) that I believe are valuable to each and every person. Maybe you’ve gone through the same exact lesson(s) as me already so you can relate, or maybe you’ve yet to experience them, no matter the case, we can all learn from one another and grow! My life lessons may inspire a change in you, so you look at life and self-care in another way. Creating a drive within you to WANT to start taking better care of your body!

I am just so excited to share my work with you!

Countless hours of recipe creating, photo shoots, writing at coffee shops, and editing all went into the creation of this beautiful book.

I know my message may not resonate with everyone, but I’m not looking to touch the heart of every single person, just those who are wanting and who are READY for a great life!

I just want to inspire the smallest (or largest) spark – that maybe, just maybe will change your whole life, just by reading something new. Through this inspiration, you’ll WANT to make small changes to your life so you can feel really good again!

Hey! If I can go from being sick all the time, living with inflamed legs, hips, and joints to the point where I wasn’t able to run, to healing my body and being able to run a half marathon, I believe that you can make small changes too, to help heal your body, and do amazing things!

This book has 100 recipes that will please everyone. Most of them are gluten-free, dairy-free, and refined sugar-free! Some of them are vegan, some of them are paleo, and some of them are raw! Even though I don’t follow a label (other than to nourish) I still want to make sure YOU  are getting what you need! ♥

This book is ready for PRE-ORDER so please, email me at and let me know where you live so I can add you to the mailing list! I will ship to anywhere in Canada ♥

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Look for Love Your Healthy Life in stores Jan. 22, 2018

Healthyway Natural Foods – Campbell River

Ocean Mountain Yoga – Campbell River


Love Your Healthy Life has so many awesome recipes! It covers drinks, snacks, brunch, main courses, and desserts! ♥ We’ve been using these recipes in our home for the past two years. We bring them to potlucks, we share them with our friends, and I even make the desserts and sell them through ‘Mandy’s Organic Healthy Treats’ (check it out on facebook).

Fill your life with amazing food, positive vibes, new skills, and great daily practices and you will be well on your way to Loving Your Healthy Life!