My Natural Baby Series



These posts are all a series about my youngest daughter, Kyrsten. Her nickname is Kyri but the kids love to call her Kiwi. She is now 4, getting into trouble wherever she can and loving the outdoors.

I tried to be as healthy as possible during my pregnancy, eating whole foods and omitting gluten, dairy, refined sugar, processed foods, and anything with dyes and artificial flavors. Eating this way help limit the amount of toxins, hard to digest foods, and carcinogens, from entering my body. I ate foods rich in nutrients to help nourish my baby and help her immune system thrive. I have really enjoyed finding good brands of body care products like Seventh Generation, Gabriel, Green Beaver, and Tom’s. They all are organic, natural, and make me happy cuz I know exactly what I’m putting on my skin.

So far Kyri’s life has been wonderful. She has a great immune system, she’s happy, and oh so very smart. She has bright eyes and wonderful skin. She has her own personality that is funny and caring. She loves to dance and sing (especially to Taylor Swift), and doing summer salts on our large yoga mat is her newest thing!

As you read please be respectful of our decisions as parents. Only nice positive comments only please!! Thank you!!

If any of you are looking to add more holistic or natural ways of raising your kids please get ideas here! And please share yours with me!

Here are my blog posts regarding her life and development. Click to read. Please feel free to comment. Positive feedback only please and thank you!



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