Mandy’s Tips for Everyday Health

I created the facebook page Mandy’s Tips For Everyday Health in the summer of 2012. I knew my knowledge of health was meant to be shared with the world.

I had come across all this great information at such a young age, at 25 to be exact, and I immediately put it all into practice in my own life. I saw so many wonderful, life-changing results within months!

I felt like no one really knew about this type of holistic health; I had to try to get this info out there!

On Mandy’s Tips for Everyday Health I post about emotional, mental, physical and spiritual health. I post recipes that I’ve tried, mostly my own that I have created.

One of the practices I follow is the acid-alkaline balance, properly combing food, and eating whole foods in every snack & meal. Making food at home with plant based whole foods has made me feel the best I’ve ever felt! My body heals fast, I am able to be active, and I have accomplished so many goals, because I have energy & motivation!

On my page I talk about topics such as superfoods, natural sources of calcium and protein, how to eat throughout the day, how to love yourself each day, how to satisfy your cravings without hurting your body, and how to take baby steps towards a better life.

Mandy’s Tips for Everyday Health is a page for people who ARE looking for a change but don’t know how to start.


My tips are meant as guidance and motivation; to give you knowledge. From there, you can put it to use, but only if you are ready. Every change I’ve suggested is all positive and will only increase your life’s vitality.


My husband (who is my inspiration), myself, and our three kids live this lifestyle. We are active. We eat healthy with gratitude. We love one another. We try our best. We forgive. We play. We are thankful. We respect nature. We respect one another. This is my family. And of course at times we arent perfect!


So if you want to read my site and read about my life, please give respect as if you’ve come into our home to be our friend.


My start:


Was when I read Conscious Health by Ron Garner. I felt so connected with the author as I read the book that it gave me a drive to learn more and more. I started to understand how the body worked and how our food gave us nutrients. I learnt about the toxins that get stored in our bodies from harmful food and stress and how to eliminate them by living a healthier, more positive lifestyle. I learnt about proper cooking techniques; working to keep as nutrients in my food as possible. I never knew there were so many RULES to eating healthy. One of the most important rules to health and to live a long life is to eat meals without drinking liquid (who would have thought). If you drink while eating your stomach acid becomes diluted. More enzymes and more hydrochloric acid are then used, spending more time and energy trying to digest your food. Acid reflex is a by-product of this. Food particles then pass through your stomach, into your small intestine, as the water passes through. These food particles then create holes in your intestinal wall, causing leaky gut syndrome. And this is just one piece of the puzzle that I’ve learnt about how the digestive system works.


Another great tip is to stop eating food before 8, so your body can finish digesting before you sleep. Then fast from cooked foods until 11am. Eat raw in your morning until then.


I’ve really become aware of how our body functions and how clean food, oxygen, and water are so important. If you’re going to make an important change, pick one that makes yourself feel your best! Your health depends on a working/thriving digestive system. If you want to know more on this subject read You are not what you eat by Van Clayton Powel. Check it out on amazon here. (You are what you are able to digest.)


There are so many awesome foods that I added to my diet. And there were many foods I had to slowly remove from my diet. The foods to stay away from are the 5 white poisons: WHITE RICE, WHITE FLOUR, PASTEURISED DAIRY, TABLE SALT and REFINED SUGAR. It took me months and months to finally get all of those foods out of our home, but once I did it I had never felt better. My skin was clear, my anaemia was gone, I had more energy, my menstrual cycle was back on track, weight just fell off me on its own, I got back my creative drive, I was able to think clearly and my digestive tract never worked better. I had honestly transformed into a new person.


After a year of this lifestyle I was able to manage my perfect weight no problem, I had confidence knowing that I was feeding my children healthy food, and I only got sick once a year. That’s huge!


Now that it’s been 5 years I rarely get sick. At first I did go through a detox period. Where toxins from all the sugar I ate were leaving my body. I knew because I had headaches often. Ron Garner, the author of Conscious Health states that it takes 1 full year of eating healthy to make up for every 7 unhealthy years. My body honestly feels as good as new!


Other practices that our family and I do are:


  • drink lemon water first thing in the morning
  • always eat fruit alone
  • never drinking liquid while eating, quit drinking half an hour before meals and start again an hour after eating.
  • only baking and cooking with natural sweeteners like unpasteurised honey, pure maple syrup or clear unpasteurized agave nectar, dates & stevia
  • quit eating 2 hours before bed
  • drink smoothies with chlorella and spirulina
  • eat as much raw food as possible throughout the day (if your digestive system is good)
  • stay away from acidic foods
  • avoid eating fast food, deep fried food or food made in hydrogenated oils
  • avoid alcohol, nicotine and refined sugar
  • use all natural cleaning products, such as laundry detergent and dish soap. Seventh Generation is our favourite.
  • use all natural body products, such as Tom’s tooth paste, deodorant, and soap
  • avoid using a microwave. They vibrate the food at such a high frequency that the nutrients in our food dies off and the genetic makeup becomes distorted and is unrecognisable by our bodies.
  • avoid toxic make up, nail polish and hair products. You can find all organic products that are just as good or better!
  • coconut oil is the best oil to use for cooking and baking (heating)
  • buy a dehydrator to make raw foods
  • meditate to clear the mind
  • clean fruit and veggies with 2 tbsp. apple cider vinegar in a bowl of water
  • take a Tbsp. of cod liver oil daily or eat 1 ounce of hemp seeds a day
  • take 1-3 liquid vitamin D3 drops daily
  • soak nuts and seeds for 4-12 hours to remove enzyme inhibitors for efficient digestion
  • take probiotics or eat food rich in probiotics like sauerkraut, Kombucha (fermented tea), kefir and coconut milk yogurt
  • recharge our system by becoming grounded. Electrons from the earth recharge our system and balance us out. They come from freshly picked raw produce and the earth! So gardening and walking around the yard and at the beach in your bare feet are super beneficial.
  • get plenty of sleep each night. At least 8 hours for adults and 10+ hours for kids
  • workout or do yoga daily
  • drink clean water. Bottled spring water and filtered water are best. Tap water contains high levels of chlorine and fluoride with disrupt out thyroid gland. Chlorine is also very toxic to the liver, as toxic as alcohol. About two thirds of our bodies are made up of water and our blood is around 90% water. We need to replenish it daily. Fruits and vegetables have water too so if you add plenty of those to your diet you’ll only need 3 – 4 tall glasses of filtered water a day.
  • get plenty of fresh air and add indoor plants to your home. If you have children make sure you place plants up high, some plants are poisonous – do research! Take walks or play with your kids outside. Oxygen is our #1 body requirement.
  • love yourself

Another way to live a long healthy life is to stay positive and be a good person. From the moment you wake until the moment your head hits the pillow, think of ways to help others. Do things that make you happy, and things that you can be proud about. Be a good person by opening the doors for people, let others talk more while you listen, let people go in front of you in the lineup if they have less groceries, say hi to everyone you see, smile, and try to love rather than hate. (This doesn’t mean you can’t cry or show other emotions. It is all life experiences and you should value each emotion.) Also making goals and sticking to them is very important. Being persistent, detail oriented, organized, and responsible are all ways to live a long healthy life. To know more about this read the Longevity Project by Howard Friedman and Leslie Martin.


There are so many more awesome ways to improve your health on my facebook page. Please feel free to join and browse. Message me if you have any thoughts or questions. Thank you so much for reading and for being interested in health! Click here to view Mandy’s Tips for Everyday Health on facebook or here for more tips.