Holistic Health Coaching

Alongside writing, creating healthy recipes, and being the best mom and wife I can be, I also have a mad passion for helping empower women to be their best self. ♥ ♥ ♥

In my 20’s I was a single mother who was searching for meaning. I was lost. Although I was raised with unconditional love, good morals and values from my wonderful parents, I still looked for love and all those other positive feelings from external sources (like relationships and material things), never once knowing that I could get everything I needed from myself. For a while there I turned to partying, drinking, and smoking to get a quick fix. I also worked 40 hours a week to put a roof over our head, eat, and pay bills. Back then I knew nothing about holistic health. I was stressed, overworked, unpaid, and definitely was not living my life to my fullest potential.

It wasn’t until years and years later that I changed my lifestyle and was introduced to the power of self-love.

After 6 years of eating a healthier diet, getting regular exercise, choosing not to be the victim and learn from my past and my daily mistakes and grow, applying self love whenever I could, and being disciplined and motivated, gave me the confidence to finally say I am enjoying my life to it’s fullest potential.

I’ve written (and self-published, marketed, and promoted) my first book ‘Healthy Food, Healthy Home, Healthy Life’ and have sold 380 copies through some major hustlin (getting my butt in gear and putting in the hard work contacting stores and promoting myself and my work). I then decided I wanted to push my body to the next level and run a half marathon (something I never thought I could do due to being pigeon toed and suffering my whole life from major joint pain) but I did it like a champ and was so proud of my accomplishment! I then created Mandy’s Organic Healthy Treats and sold 55 orders in 4 months but then decided to put it on hold so I could enjoy the summer with my family.  After the summer was over I joined part in a fitness challenge that really helped get my body into great shape but something was missing from the challenge. I became inspired to create my own lifestyle challenge to help my friends, family and blog followers to get in shape, eat healthy, listen to their heart, love their life, and find their passion. But what would I put into the challenge? What were the most important areas to work on? What did I want to teach and how much of my personal life did I want to share? As I thought about it, these are the questions that came to mind:

What are our current priorities and how do we shift them to be the right ones for us?

How do we learn from our struggles and get back onto the right path?

How do we find out our passion in life?

How do we let go of our past?

How do we be more in the present moment and enjoy it?

What thoughts should come to mind when we think about healthy food?

How do we limit stress?

What can we do to create space in our life?

How can we manage our time and create the best routine for us?

What foods and products are preventing our bodies from seeing the results we are looking for?

How do we get the most out of our day?

What do I do/practice to help me when I am struggling with parenting, work, relationships, etc?

How do we quiet the mind?

How do we change our thoughts when we have negative self-image ideas?

What do we value? What is meaningful in our life?

What types of workouts/movement should I be doing?

What kind of chocolate is healthy?

Are there any foods/beverages that aren’t serving us?

How do we get the best quality sleep?

What can I do to turn my ego off and get back to my most loving authentic self?

What goals will create a better future for us and how can we accomplish them?

Are we really as “busy” as we say we are?

How do we “own it”?

How do we deal with energy vampires and is it okay to let go of friends?

How are our fears holding us back?

How do we heal our bodies?

Since Love is the greatest, most powerful energy in the world, how do we cultivate more of it?

How can we focus on courage and be strong in our new journey?

While I answered each one of these questions, I really poured my heart and soul into sharing what I believe to be the most beautiful, inspirational words of wisdom – that have been passed down from gurus, mentors, holistic health professionals – all on to me (through books, podcasts, and emails). Everything that I share is advice that I have put into action. They are practices that have helped me immensely on my journey! I knew I needed to share those with all of you! I wrote the challenge and called it:


“Radiance – The 12 Week Challenge that will

Boost Your Self-Love,Build Positivity,

and Promote Growth.”


 And the reason the challenge is 12 weeks long, is so I can work with you when you fall off track, when you go through your ups and downs, and when you struggle, and help inspire you to get back on, because it is TOTALLY worth it. Then, when this challenge is said and done, you will have the courage, and the tools you need to know, to get back on your healthy path all on your own!

That, right there, is one of the most important thing when sustaining a positive healthy life!


This September I will be coaching the 2017 Fall Radiance Challenge.

It includes so many beneficial practices that I believe will help everyone women be their best self, like


Eating Nourishing Meals


Getting Quality Sleep

Drinking Lemon Water Each Morning

Learning How to Create Healthy Treats

What Products are Safe to Use on your Body and in your Home

Self-Love, Self-Acceptance, Self-Forgiveness, And Self-Growth

Getting those Creative Juices Flowing

Relationships, Sex, Forgiveness, and Communication

Changing the Way we Look at our Responsibilities

Find Your Purpose & Following your Passion

How to Listen to Your Body

Visualizing & Manifesting Your Dreams

Creating Goals

Getting Rid of Practices and Habits that don’t Serve us and Replacing them with Productive Ones

Cultivating Courage, Patience, and Positivity

Helping Others


Every week you will be presented with a side challenge that will help you grow!

I hope you enjoy your summer and think about joining the challenge come Monday Sept 11th. All I want is for you two feel your best, have energy to do the things you love, and to know how to listen to your heart and follow it’s guidance. I, Mandy Dugas, am here to help you do this! Join the challenge and change your life!

Each morning I will be sharing positive mantras and teaching you the tools you need to know to grow in a positive way AND to reach all of your goals!

For 12 weeks of daily inspiration (Monday through Friday), online weekly private coaching – through Facebook or email, the Radiance Challenge book, and both of my cookbooks (in digital format), you pay $17.50/week. That’s only $2.50 a day for support, motivation, inspiration, and so much love! And you would be helping support me and my dream! ♥

“Ideas alone won’t create a life you love, putting them into action will.”


I will be the first to testify – This challenge works! And it is made to easily transition yourself into healthier routines, totally doable for every woman of any age. I have already learned so much, am becoming healthier & more fit by the day and am taking on more each day as I start to feel like I can do ANYTHING I set my heart on.
Mandy is an incredibly smart, motivated, sweet & kind person…exactly the type of person you want standing behind you telling you that YES, you can do it.
It’s a no brainer! I loved this challenge, you will be nothing but thankful.


The Radiance Challenge with Mandy Dugas was one of the most inspiring experiences I’ve had in a long time. I had gotten myself stuck in a rut and was feeling run down and unloveable. Through her ebook, and online support and motivation I managed to get myself on the road to self love and better health. While I had moments of relapse into bad habits and feelings of doubt I was consistently supported by the Radiance group and most often Mandy herself who took the time to individually acknowledge each of our struggles but also our successes. She encouraged us along the way, cheering us on every morning. Although I had many days that I did not participate I continued to look forward to her positive and joyful messages each day. I wish her the best on every step of her journey and encourage anyone who is even slightly curious to take the time to try this challenge. You won’t regret it.


Amazingly Beautiful, Inspirational, and a Breathtaking Awakening!!!!!!

Mandy Dugas!!!! I have nothing but wonderful words to say about you, and your challenge.
The Radiance Challenge was such a unique experience that woke every fiber in my body. Being a mother of two littles, I was constantly on the go and being pulled from one direction to another. I had found myself becoming tired, impatient and lacking the time I needed to be the best version of myself. I had lost a bit of who I was, and what I meant, while taking care of my family and others around me. My awareness of self love and gratitude grew immensely through this challenge and rekindled my spirit. Every day was filled with inspiration, quotes, side challenges, recipes, exercise videos, extensive knowledge on nutrition and holistic health, and constant communication and support networks through the group. The amount of time and love that Mandy put into her ebook and this challenge was phenomenal. An amazing 15 weeks of daily interactions where Mandy posted and responded to every comment. By far one of the most awakening experiences I have had!!! I am grateful to have been a part of this challenge and excited to continue on in my journey.
I let go, I grew, I gave, and I have became more xoxo


I did this challenge with Mandy and she was amazing. She put so much energy into creating it and then encouraging us to make small yet huge changes in our daily lives. Personally due to a crazy school semester and work and life I myself was a bit distracted but I would absolutely do this challenge again and I really appreciate and thank Mandy for the hard work she put into it ❤️


I will keep this short and sweet! I would highly recommend trying the Radiance Challenge with Mandy. She is a truly inspiring human being which completely shows through this challenge. It is a completely manageable challenge that stives towards maintaining a healthy lifestyle physically, mentally and emotionally. There is constant support from like minded amazing people including & especially Mandy. This group & challenge really boosted my moral whenever feeling low and motivated me to be the best version of myself possible! Thank you Mandy!


Life really has it’s ups and downs but this challenge has kept my chin up and eye on the prize! I really love the connection that the challenge participants create, It’s such a supportive place to spill your guts to!


Where do I even begin? I started the 12 week challenge and right for day one I had some hefty goals. I was thinking it would be more an exercise- only challenge and I was super nervous for thr personal growth aspect…. but I have accomplished more in the last 9 weeks as far as self discovery and crushing goals I have been avoiding. All along the way I have had mandy and the rest of the women in the challenge sharing their stories and cheering me on. I feel like I have gained a whole new friend group. I have had 2 of the busiest months of my life so glad things will be settling down the last few weeks of the challenge so I will have more time to devote to it. But I can only say I’m so excited for the next one 🙂


I’m still currently involved in the Radiance challenge, and it’s slowly changing my life. Before this challenge I was on the right track – I thought – but daily I’m learning soo much about myself, health and gratitude. My husband is the hardest to change and even his daily decision are getting healthier!! He loves the new foods I’m making, and especially how amazing my body is becoming ! A little work each day goes a long way. Thank you Mandy for all your creative visions and teaching me how to allow my creative visions to come to life! Can’t wait to start your next course! I’m ready to go deeper! ♡


 When I first moved into my sister’s place, she had a cook book on the coffee table. As I started to read all the amazing recipes I realized Mandy was from my home town. Her inspiring story got me motivated with the idea of healthy living. Right away I signed up for the Radiance challenge. Mandy has helped me feel motivated towards life, encouraging to reach my goals, and she gave me amazing recipes to try. She taught me so much about self love, healthy eating and journaling. The group of ladies who also did this challenge make you feel like you’re not alone, they were supportive and understanding in every situation. It made me realize that we all have corks in our lives that we want to try to improve. I feel a lot more grounded, present and aware of everything I do in my life. Thank you Mandy and the Radiance girls 🙂


I don’t know where to begin…….this challenge was inspirational and an eye opener for me…..I was so tired of not feeling well due to quite a few health issues but, after following the nutritional ideas faithfully for 4 weeks I just woke up one morning and felt just soooo good!!!! I have tried other programs before but with the personal touch, the group participation and open love shown by Mandy and all the members it gives you the strength and motivation to not give up. On the next challenge I am determined with Mandy’s awesome approach to self-awareness and self-love to overcome some of my inner doubts and demons and continue to grow:)


Wow, where to begin this challenge came at just the right time for me I was injured and in a funk and throughout the challenge changing just some simple things in our diet and adding a few mindful ideas like journaling, meditating, and daily exercise I have become more flexible have less pain and I’m not having a pity party weekly the difference twelve short weeks has made, Mandy led me from despair at the state of my health to hope and dreaming of what next….. If you are in doubt just do it you won’t regret it at all.


I am just about to embark on my third Radiance Challenge and I cannot say enough about it. The first time around I had some life challenges and could not spend the time I wanted to and some days it was just the phrase or quote of the day post that pushed me through and other days I dug deep and amazing changes took place in my life. I loved that I could make it work for me with whatever time I had to spare and it was successful in bringing positive changes in many areas of my life from nutrition, health, fitness, life in general along with the tools to expand and reach out of my comfort zone to embrace a fuller richer life living in the present and overcoming obstacles that I did not even realize I had.
The radiance girls are amazing! The openness and support was phenomenal. You knew you were in a safe place to say or face anything and that the girls were there cheering you on to be the best version of you! ♥ Mandy’s knowledge and inspiration is far reaching along with her honestly and openness she is a very special soul. If you want an awakening of many kinds I highly recommend stepping into the Radiance Tribe and assure you…it will be a journey that will bring positive things to your life and you will be so glad you did. I cannot wait to start the next one. Thanks Mandy!


What’s included?

The Radiance Challenge Ebook

The Health & Wellness Ebook ‘Healthy Food, Healthy Home, Healthy Life” w/ 50 plant based recipes.

All free of meat, dairy, gluten, and refined sugar


The Unreleased Health & Wellness Ebook ‘Love Your Healthy Life” w/ over 100 nourishing recipes. All free of refined sugar.

Some recipes do contain grass fed meat, whole spelt flour, and 1 recipe contains grass fed butter.


The Radiance book (digital copy) w/ 12 weeks of inspiration, the Nutrition Guide, and Daily Worksheets

My Book ‘Healthy Food, Healthy Home, Healthy Life’  (digital copy) which has 50 recipes and health tips, my story, and lots of other cool info.

My unreleased book ‘Love Your Healthy Life’ (digital copy) which has over 100 recipes, my latest healthy tips, healthy practices, stories and other food foodie info!

You’ll be added to the Exclusive Online Radiance Group where I share the word of the day, mantras, side challenges, workouts, inspiration and more.

Weekly Online Private Consultation, support and love from me, your personal coach!

A lifetime of knowledge all within 12 weeks!


Look no further. The time for growth is now! And this challenge will help you in every area of your life – mind, body, heart, and soul!

“Love yourself enough to live a healthy lifestyle.”


What this challenge will do for you

1. With hard work you’ll be super strong – in body and mind

2. With positive intentions you’ll be glowing with self-love and positivity

3. With discipline you’ll be sleeping better than ever before

4. With an open mind you’ll be healed and totally nourished

5. With self-growth you’ll be confident and strong

6. After weeks you’ll be loving your new routine and your new appreciation for life!

7. With friendship you’ll be able to push yourself farther than ever before


There are 3 monthly payments

No contracts

Billed monthly or 1 full payment before starting

Cancel anytime

$17.50 a week!

That’s only $2.50 a day!

 Change has already started. Sorry, you’ll have to wait til next round!

 Email me at mandio_19@hotmail.com when you want to sign up.

You can pay through e transfer to my email addy.


If you specialize in a holistic health of some sort I would love to do a trade of equal value!

This Challenge is in CANADIAN dollars.

The full challenge is $210.


To read more about me, click here!

Not only will you be growing in ways you never dreamed were possible, you’ll also be joining a wonderful tribe of women just like you! Who are wanting growth, to feel immense love, and to be a part of something amazing! And you’ll also be helping support me and my dreams! Thank you!