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In the Radiance Challenge this week we are looking at our lives as a whole and we are trying to figure out what it means to become your best self. It’s something that is different for everyone.

I know it’s hard, for many of us, envision ourselves in the future, or to even have goals for the future for that 9matter. But it’s something that I think is super beneficial for our DRIVE FOR LIFE!

We can imagine ourselves being anything we want. We are glowing with health, we are happy smiling from ear to ear, we inspire others, we are calm and have become great listeners (to others and the universe) during conflict, we are toned and strong – in body and mind, we are connected to our spirit, we know that we are rich in all areas of our life – living an abundant life.

I want you to sit down when you are free, and instead of watching TV, create a list of the qualities you’ve always found “attractive” or “appealing” about yourself or others. How can you develop those qualities, or bring them out, within yourself?

Practice! Create a daily practice.

What does my daily practice consist of?

  • Gratitude
  • Meditation
  • Exercise and stretching (4-5 days a week)
  • Pure nourishment – with both food and liquid – Eating mindfully
  • Getting 8-9 hours of high-quality sleep (read the book Sleep Smarter)
  • Sauna and/or Epsom salt bath
  • Journaling
  • Helping others
  • Creativity
  • and Play


But keep in mind, that if your mind and heart are not in the right place, your daily practice will seem like a chore, like yet ANOTHER thing you need to do each day, and it won’t benefit your life.

All of these practices have helped me fill my heart FULL of love each day! Meditation has helped me learn patience and how to surrender, which is so beneficial when being a mom. Gratitude has made me happy for the life I have right now. Excercise and nourishment have made my body feel AMAZING. I am so much more motivated because I am not in pain or suffering. Helping others and giving love is why we are here. Play and creativity help fill my emotional body by expressing myself. The sauna and bath help me cleanse and decompress. Journaling helps me get my thoughts out and helps me move forward in life.

Get excited about growth!

What do you love to do?

Travel? Go for hikes in nature? Be surrounded by friends and family? Have tea alone? Get your hair done? Be creative? Write? Take long hot baths? Eat dark chocolate? Hear your kids laugh? Learn? Cook?

Make a list of all the things you love to do each day! Now FILL your day with them.

Make a list of all the things you dislike doing each day. With that list, either find the beauty in each thing and change your outlook on why you must do them, or get rid of them! Simple as that. Instead of telling yourself, “I have to go to a job that I hate each day, because I can’t find a better job and I’m scared to quit and leave these benefits and pay behind. The unknown is too scary for me.” Are those benefits and pay making you happy every day? Do you feel like you are MEANT to be at that job? Is that job serving you? Can you find your value there? If not, honestly, look for something else. Life is too short to be stuck doing something you strongly dislike EVERY SINGLE DAY! Ask yourself Why you are doing this to yourself? Why are you putting yourself through this misery if you don’t have to? Learn to surrender to God/the Universe and place your trust there. You will be lead in the right direction. Keep an open mind. Let go of limitations and opinions. You may need to face obstacles before getting to the place of your dreams. In fact, many of us do!

Don’t wait until you retired to live the life of your dreams!

Change your “I CAN’T” to “I CAN” & “I WILL”!


Realize and know that you are amazing! What are your best qualities?

Realize and know that you are human and you have dark qualities, just like we ALL DO. What are your worse qualities?

Make a list of 10 good qualities and 10 dark/bad qualities.

Which good qualities do you want to boost? Which dark qualities do you want to remove forever?

It all takes work!



Look for the good in the world!

Wake up motivated and inspired to put your best foot forward! When you go out in the world are you noticing that people are crazy drivers, that people have no patience, that people are rude, that people have no manners, and that the world is going downhill fast? OR are you noticing the beauty of nature, the good in others, peace, creativity, and balance? It’s all how you see the world. You create your thoughts! What are you thinking of right now?

I want you to write a paragraph on becoming your best self and what that looks like for you. Who are you becoming?



For more info on becoming your best self, email me at for a copy of my new book ‘Love Your Healthy Life‘! I will ship to anywhere in Canada! ♥

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