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“Ideas alone won’t create a life you love, putting them into action will.”



Come with me and create the life you’ve always dreamed of – where you shine everyday, are proud of your past, look forward to your future, and enjoy the present moment – with so much love in your heart.

The Radiance Challenge was originally written for those who have lost their spark and need a teeny tiny bit of guidance to get it back. Because once I was that woman who had lost my spark. I knew with all my years of research and practicing a healthy lifestyle – that I had the power within me to get it back. But I blamed my “busy” life and was in a bit of a rut. So, I grabbed a pen and paper and got to work. I wrote down the top things that I needed in my life to be my best self. Good quality sleep, healthy food, exercise, less stress, more motivation, to find my passion, to create goals, and to let go of my past bull$hit. Thus the Radiance Challenge was born. Not only did I LOVE creating it, I loved putting it into action for the first time last summer. Then again with an awesome group of girls last October. I fell head over heals with teaching and coaching and I know it’s something I was born to do. Each woman has their own life, their own routine, their own craziness and wonderfulness. So inspiring everyone to create a routine, and to build the best possible schedule for themselves, so they could feel FULL of self-love, happiness, motivation, and determination each and everyday!

For me, now, I need this challenge! I thrive checking off fitness boxes, having a group of women to connect with daily (sharing pictures, stories, and helping each other when we are down), and journaling every day on positive words. Journaling is so powerful! You just wait and see!



This challenge isn’t about being super skinny or about looking like a model or about being better than anyone else. It’s simply about love.

It’s about learning how to choose love in every circumstance.

When you workout because you love your body, not because you want to get rid of your cellulite – that’s choosing love.

When you go to work because you see how you add value to the company, instead of going and moping and hating your job – that’s choosing love.

When you eat food from nature because you want to glow and have tons of energy and you love the way it makes you feel, rather then eating that way because you think you’re fat – that’s choosing love!

In this challenge I do ask that you meet me on your fitness/yoga mat 5 days a week for 30 minutes a day. Only 30 minutes! Not an hour! Not 45 minutes. Only 30 minutes. This 30 minutes will not only help you get back to your natural body weight, but it will also give you so much energy that you need to be your very best all day long! Plus you’ll have this radiant glow, and everyone will ask you what you did that morning. Did you get lucky? Oh no I’m just part of the Radiance Group!! You got girl 😉 Or maybe you did get lucky! Honestly though, we’ll be diving into topics like sex too.

This challenge is all about pushing yourself, and working hard to see results for you! Not for anyone else. You finally have the opportunity to say you did something amazing for yourself in 2017! So what do you say? Join me and other’s just like yourself for an awesome 12 week ride!



What you’ll receive in this Challenge:

– The Radiance Challenge Ebook filled with:

  • Nourishing recipes for all types of diets
  • 12 weekly fitness schedules – so you can check off those workout boxes and feel satisfied
  • Daily words and mantras
  • Self-love affirmations
  • Chapters with info on movement, healthy eating and tons of self-love
  • Fun weekly challenges
  • Tools for major self growth
  • Focusing on removing bad habits and addictions and replacing them with yummy new habits that you’ll be dying to practice more often
  • Inspiration topics to journal about. Plus daily gratitude
  • Health tips and secrets how I manage my favourite routine
  • and so much more!

– A digital copy of my health & wellness/cookbook  ‘Healthy Food, Healthy Home, Healthy Life’. $15.99 value

  • 50 plant based recipes
  • tips on fitness, health and so much more
  • my journey since I became inspired to become a healthier woman

– Online coaching plus support from not only me but from our tribe as well

– Daily workout videos (we start easier and work up from there). Remember I am doing everything with you!

– And tons of behind the scenes info!




What this challenge will do for you

1. With hard work you’ll be super strong – in body and mind

2. With positive intentions you’ll be sleeping better than ever before

3. With daily practice you’ll be glowing with self-love and positivity

4. With an open mind you’ll be healed and totally nourished

5. With self-growth you’ll be confident and strong

6. After weeks you’ll be loving your new routine and your new appreciation for life!

7. With accomplishment here comes humbling pride


“Love yourself enough to live a healthy lifestyle.”


Everything that’s included


The Radiance Ebook has 146 pages of inspiration and you’ll be added to the exclusive group online! Plus a digital copy of my book!

Please be sure to download both books after checkout from the confirmation email.



Side challenges that I’m super excited to share with you:

* Incorporating lemon water to your mornings because it gives you clear radiant skin, alkalize your body and gives you natural energy

* Knowing what it means to full love, forgive, and accept yourself because you are worth all the love and growth in the world

* Learning how to properly prioritize your life so you get great quality sleep, to heal and repair your body, lose unwanted weight, and gain tons of muscle mass and energy

* Appreciate the food that goes into your body and eat healthy! Our main focus – Smoothies, fruit and salads!

* Cultivate peace, patience, and joy by taking 10 short minutes out of your day to follow a guided meditation (or practice in silence).

* Choosing 3 things that you are grateful for each day. “I am grateful for _______ because ___________________ .”

* Reconnecting with friends and loved ones

* Getting your creative juices flowing

* Learning about minimalism and getting rid of anything that doesn’t serve you at this time

* and many more!!

So what do you say? I’d love to build a relationship with you and have you in the tribe!


There are 3 monthly payments

No contracts

Billed monthly

Cancel anytime

$7.50 a week!

That’s as much as a speciality coffee! Or less than a green juice! 



In fitness we will be working on our abs, booty, arms, legs, and full body workouts with HIIT and cardio. You can push yourself as hard or as minimal as you wish. It’s all about how you feel that day. I will continue to help inspire you to keep motivated so you can put in the best work you can. Life is so short. Don’t waste it being lazy! We will dive deep and find that passion, that drive, that will push you to the next level. 







“A self that goes on changing is a self that goes on living.” – Virginia Woolf





I will be the first to testify – This challenge works! And it is made to easily transition yourself into healthier routines, totally doable for every woman of any age. I have already learned so much, am becoming healthier & more fit by the day and am taking on more each day as I start to feel like I can do ANYTHING I set my heart on.
Mandy is an incredibly smart, motivated, sweet & kind person…exactly the type of person you want standing behind you telling you that YES, you can do it.
It’s a no brainer! I loved this challenge, you will be nothing but thankful. ❤️❤️


The Radiance Challenge with Mandy Dugas was one of the most inspiring experiences I’ve had in a long time. I had gotten myself stuck in a rut and was feeling run down and unloveable. Through her ebook, and online support and motivation I managed to get myself on the road to self love and better health. While I had moments of relapse into bad habits and feelings of doubt I was consistently supported by the Radiance group and most often Mandy herself who took the time to individually acknowledge each of our struggles but also our succeses. She encouraged us along the way, cheering us on every morning. Although I had many days that I did not participate I continued to look forward to her positive and joyful messages each day. I wish her the best on every step of her journey and encourage anyone who is even slightly curious to take the time to try this challenge. You won’t regret it.


Amazingly Beautiful, Inspirational, and a Breathtaking Awakening!!!!!!

Mandy Dugas!!!! I have nothing but wonderful words to say about you, and your challenge.
The Radiance Challenge was such a unique experience that woke every fiber in my body. Being a mother of two littles, I was constantly on the go and being pulled from one direction to another. I had found myself becoming tired, impatient and lacking the time I needed to be the best version of myself. I had lost a bit of who I was, and what I meant, while taking care of my family and others around me. My awareness of self love and gratitude grew immensely through this challenge and rekindled my spirit. Every day was filled with inspiration, qoutes, side challenges, recipes, exercise videos, extensive knowledge on nutrition and holistic health, and constant communication and support networks through the group. The amount of time and love that Mandy put into her ebook and this challenge was phenomenal. An amazing 15 weeks of daily interactions where Mandy posted and responded to every comment. By far one of the most awakening experiences I have had!!! I am grateful to have been a part of this challenge and excited to continue on in my journey.
I let go, I grew, I gave, and I have became more xoxo


I did this challenge with Mandy and she was amazing. She put so much energy into creating it and then encouraging us to make small yet huge changes in our daily lives. Personally due to a crazy school semester and work and life I myself was a bit distracted but I would absolutely do this challenge again and I really appreciate and thank Mandy for the hard work she put into it ❤️


I will keep this short and sweet! I would highly recommend trying the Radiance Challenge with Mandy. She is a truly inspiring human being which completely shows through this challenge. It is a completely manageable challenge that stives towards maintaining a healthy lifestyle physically, mentally and emotionally. There is constant support from like minded amazing people including & especially Mandy. This group & challenge really boosted my moral whenever feeling low and motivated me to be the best version of myself possible! Thank you Mandy!




It’s 12 weeks of love, fun, and being a part of a great community! What can be better than that?! Get your determination pants on and join me and many other like minded women, who want to create the best routine, so they can keep smiling every day! Love your life and join the tribe!

“Your vibe attracts your tribe!”

The Challenge Starts Monday March 20th and Ends Sunday June 11th (write it on your calendar)!! Are you ready? I cannot wait! ♥♥



Do you ever sit back and think,

“Dear Universe, I am totally open to something awesome coming my way.”

Well, this is it!


  Nourish your body everyday – with healthy food, love and light




Mandy Dugas



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