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I am here today to tell you, straight up, that having a daily routine/practice makes an amazing life!


No, just kidding! I’ll explain.

I recently just finished round 2 of the Radiance Challenge and I am still so high on life from that amazing ride. If you’d like to know more about it click here. It will be starting again mid March so keep your eyes peeled for a blog post soon. It will be a 12 week journey that will change your whole life for the better! In the challenge we dive deep into the 3 topics I am talking about today!

Visualization. Listening to your body. and Meditation.

6 years ago when I met my husband he said it was into visualizing. He practiced the Law of Attraction. He had watched the movie The Secret and did a bit of research on this, almost far fetched, topic. The people who practice the Law of Attraction attract what they want by imagining that the goals they want to accomplish are being accomplished and the places they want to travel to are being travelled and the future they want to live is being lived! They don’t imagine themselves doing it in the future, they imagine themselves living that life TODAY! With detail. They see their surroundings, hear sounds, smell the flowers (or the sweat), and taste the food! It’s like they are really there! Tod became so inspired that he started immediately. He imagined 3 things daily. 1 – That his mail box would be overflowing with cheques from work (yes he was getting paid a lot but he was ALSO putting in the hard work to get there). 2 – That he would be running full marathons with a smile on his face. and 3 – That he would find the love of his life – a girl with a good heart and long brown hair! And within 2 years, all of those things came true! Coincidence? I think not!

So, after Tod told me all of this, I became inspired to start visualizing the future I wanted.


I visualized myself:

  • signing books and helping inspire others to eat healthier
  • running a half marathon and completing it without walking or stopping
  • adventuring new places with palm trees and pineapples
  • camping with my family every summer and just loving life
  • inspiring others through fitness challenges
  • one on one sessions to help motivate women to become their best selves
  • making yummy treats for others for their special occasions
  • having potlucks and being surrounded by family and friends and so much love
  • and enjoying the simple things in life – gardening, cooking, laughter, and family time.

AND GUESS WHAT? They are all coming true!! So why stop now? If I dream it, I can do it!

Seriously though… I imagined myself being surrounded by palm trees, hot weather, and the sand between my toes and now I’ve been on 3 tropical vacations in a year and a half – all after I started visualizing! I can hardly believe it!

But just to warn you, it goes both ways. The more you visualize the penalties of failure, the harder life will be. If you are constantly thinking of negative or destructive circumstances, that will be your life. And how you think about your body ALSO affects your future. So if you catch yourself thinking this way, turn it off, and turn it around! Think positively! This takes practice but it’s well worth it!

What do you want in your future? 🙂 You can dream as big or as little as you like!



Over the last couple of years, I have found that it is so tremendously important to become in-tune with my body. I have created a new relationship with my body. This new connection.

I had learned that if I had ANY irregular health issues that meant my body was knocking politely on my door and was saying Hey! Something’s wrong inside! You need to fix it asap….or if you don’t, we’ll come pounding on your door and say HEY! HERE’S DISEASE! So as the years went on I listened to my body as soon as something rose to the surface.

In my 20’s I suffered from strep throat 4 times a year (since high school actually), painful heavy menstrual cycles, digestion problems like bloating and heartburn, anemia (I was always tired), constant headaches, acne, allergies to grass, pollen, penicillin, hay (I took allergy medication all summer long), kiwi and curry. I had no energy. I had bad knee and hip problems from being pigeon toed all my life, had bad lower intestinal cramping, and took Advil or Tylenol almost daily to relieve the pain. I had trouble sleeping which made me hate mornings. I was addicted to smoking and was very self-conscious because of my skin issues. I got colds 7 times a year and often had a flu with a fever.

I worked on all of these issues the best I could and now I no longer suffer from any of them! They were all related to diet. Even my allergies. I switched to organic, I stopped eating fast food and junk food, I took out pasteurized dairy, refined sugar, and refined wheat and by a couple months half of the issues subsided! I couldn’t believe it. I just kept up my healthy diet and then worked on sleep, emotion, stress, and fitness and the rest was history!

I am human – pimples do come and go (depending on what I eat). I’ve learned that I am so sensitive, even to cane sugar (and refined sugar is 10 times worse). So now I drink very little Kombucha, make all my own chocolate and I rarely eat out. I found that if I make my own food I feel my best. And I never get cranky about cooking because I LOVE the way I feel every day! Plus when I cook I know what’s in my food! This was how my cookbook was born! Now I’m writing my second one 🙂

Even simple things like headaches and bloating are your bodies way of telling you that something is wrong!

Gut health is super important! Listen to this podcast here!

“To me, living a healthy life isn’t about being super skinny or about having a 6 pack! It’s about feeling good internally. It’s about feeling happy more than unhappy. It’s about being confident in your decisions. It’s about having energy to do the things you love. It’s about looking at life in a positive light, instead of looking at the world like it’s against you. Healthy living is about using your power to take a stand in your own life. To say yes to what benefits your body, mind and soul and to loudly say no to the things that don’t. It’s about enjoying life and looking forward to accomplishing goals. It’s about learning to see the beauty in all things and to let go of fear. It’s about being at your bodies natural healthy weight and to feel strong and powerful! It’s about learning to love exercise because it makes you feel good! It’s about learning and constantly improving! It’s about loving ourselves and treating our bodies with respect! It’s about finding out what our talents and gifts are and sharing them with the world! It’s about creativity, purpose, and passion! Being healthy helps you appreciate your life. It’s about family and being a great roll model for them.” – Love Your Healthy Body by Mandy Dugas 



Things to do to make sure your body is happy:

  • Get enough sleep (8-9 hours a night) so your body can heal and so you can gain energy for the next day. Great podcast here. Go to bed early enough to ensure you get a great night’s sleep. Listen to the podcast I recommended to learn how to get high quality sleep and how to turn our bedroom into the best bedroom sanctuary!
  • Eat whole foods throughout the whole day (breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, dessert) and be sure to drink plenty of chlorine and fluoride-freye water. Bottled water can still contain fluoride so read the label. We do reverse osmosis water and add in ground unrefined Celtic sea salt to add the minerals back in (84 minerals and trace minerals to be exact). We also say LOVE to our water to help it build beautiful crystals that will benefit our bodies more! Also eating mindfully, without the TV on, plus extra chews helps our bodies feel calm then our food will digest better and the nutrients will be absorbed more efficiently.
  • Listen to your body – when you feel sick or when you have your menstrual cycle – take a couple days off of fitness and make sure you don’t feel guilty! You need to do this for yourself! Great podcast here.
  • Meditate to feel a deeper connection with your inner self. It helps bring you peace, patients, kindness, love, compassion, balance and opens your mind.
  • Love and Play – Do things every that make you feel happy! Like a hobby, being creative, singing, dancing, sports, taking a bath, or just reading a good book
  • Focus on positive words and mantras – Ever since I started my word of the day I have been such a better person. When I focus on positive words I am more positive. I’ll be driving and then randomly the word of the day pops into my head and I feel happy and so grateful! It helps me look back to my past with love instead of judgement, and helps me look to my future with excitement and motivation. And also helps me appreciate the present moment.
  • Create balance and reduce stress. To me balance means filling my day with things that only serve me. Each thing I do either benefits me or someone around me. Nothing negative, harmful, or destructive. And it’s sad but we all have things in our lives that cause stress – it may be our boss, our friends, our kids, our partner, or even our own actions and thoughts. With a bit of tweaking we can fix all of these stressful issues. Sometimes we have to take a leap of faith and quit our job or tell our spouse or friend how you REALLY FEEL. And sometimes I just takes a simple move like adding a bit more self-love to your mornings so you can feel full of love and you’ll want to go throughout your day helping others (and our kids).
  • Take a stand. Enjoy saying NO! It’s such a powerful word that doesn’t get used enough! Yes it may feel like we tell our kids No every bloody minute of every bloody day, but what about telling yourself No? Are you strict with yourself? Set boundaries for yourself? Are you disciplined? You need to be if you want to see progress! If you want a healthy body you need to learn how to say no to the things that aren’t beneficial to your body. And then learn what you can do (and eat) to have a wonderful, thriving, energetic body!
  • Move! Walk, run, do yoga, swim, go to a class, workout at home, play with your kids, jump on the trampoline, skate, snowboard, row, ride a bike. Just move! 30 minutes each day. And avoid sitting for most of the day. Sitting in the new smoking. Sit on an exercise ball while you type, or lay on the floor on a yoga mat while you watch TV or hang out. We bought an 8′ X 8′ yoga mat for our living room and we stretch, move, and roll on it – more than sitting on the couch! I don’t think I’ve seen my husband sit on the couch in a year!



I’ve been meditating for over a year now. Either doing guided meditations or meditating alone in silence. As a woman, I find my mind will not stop! I love it and I find it to be the biggest pain in the butt at times! I love it because I’m always thinking of new ideas and am constantly becoming inspired. BUT I also am having a hard time turning the voice off when I’m trying to relax or sleep! Meditating has helped so much! Focusing on my breath while I try to sleep calms my mind and turns off the distracting voice so I can gently drift off to sleep. It kinda sounds like counting sheep! When I’m having a nice hot bath I just want my mind to quiet down. I now acknowledge my thoughts and then push them away so my mind is empty again. Practicing meditation builds major patients, which has helped me SO MUCH being a parent. Before I would react to anything annoying but now I just let it go. It’s like I’ve gain magical powers that I’ve always wanted…more like NEEDED! Meditation can benefit our lives in so many other ways. Download some guided meditation apps (Headspace) or listen to some on soundcloud or youtube and become inspired to bring light and love into your life daily! 10 minutes a day is perfect! ♥ It really helps set an intention for the day, week or month. ♥ Look up meditative quotes on google and you’ll find thousands of awesome mantras to meditate on.

My life today is better than it ever has been before. And all I can do is express my gratitude for these practices and that I was open minded enough at the time to accept them.

What are your favourite things you do right now that have benefited your life 10 fold?

Thanks for reading and take care! 🙂




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  1. I love this blog entry. I too meditate for 10 minutes every day in the morning. Choosing a new mantra each time is a great idea! Thank you.

    Your visualization topics are totally goal worthy #bossbabe

  2. I recently stumble across your blog and have made 2 recipes within the last week and really enjoyed them. Do you send cookbooks to Seattle? In my routine I am very busy but after a health scare I have decided to make extra time to cook healthy meals. diet is everything – just like you said. It’s a lot to change but when health and happiness is on the line I’d do anything. Your blog is perfect for me. I’m going to contact you personally as well.


    1. Hey Anna! Yes I can send a cookbook to Seattle! I have just a couple left. I’ll email you with more details. I’m so sorry to hear that you’ve recently had a health scare. But I am also so proud of you for making the choice to turn your health around and get healthy again! That’s what matters! I’m looking forward to your email. Thanks so much for reading my blog! Have a wonderful day. 😀

      xoxo Mandy!

  3. Those pictures are great! Just curious – where have you traveled to in the last year and a half? I am going to start visualizing now. If your husband can attract you maybe I can attract someone special into my life. I also eat healthy and workout in the gym after work 4 days a week for 45 minutes. Then sauna after. Do you use a sauna?

    David MacMillan
    Personal Trainer

    1. Hey David,

      Thanks so much for reading my post. Answering your question about where I’ve travelled – I went to Puerto Vallarta for my 30th birthday, actually it was a surprise gift from my husband! We loved it so much we went back again 7 months later to the exact down and stayed in the exact condo – V177! Check it out. Then my husband decided to travel to see his friend for her birthday and since he was leaving for a week, I asked if I could go travel for a week. My parents were traveling to Hawaii soon and I wanted to crash with them. It all worked out and I got to go to Hawaii for a week! So Mexico twice and Honolulu once! 😀 ♥ Wow you’re a personal trainer AND you workout in the gym 4 days a week! That’s hardcore! You must really love fitness! I kinda wish that was my job. We do infact have an infrared sauna! We use it all the time. I love a good sweat sesh! Thanks so much for the awesome comment and questions. Take care David.


  4. Hey Mandy! I have the exact same bathing suit as you! The beach you are on in the first picture there, are you in Hawaii? What a gorgeous beach. I really like your writing. I can see your personality shining through. I’m going to keep reading and see what else peeks my interest. I respect your zing for life!

    Chow. Kassy

    1. Hey Kassy!

      That’s so cool! We match! Yes I am in Hawaii in that first picture. It’s the Kailua Beach! My mom kept saying over and over again that it’s rated one of the best beaches IN THE WORLD on TripAdvisor so we just had to go and Yep! It was absolutely amazing! I walked down the beach for an hour and then decided to run back! Yep! In my bathing suit. I didn’t care who was looking, I just ran – feeling the wind in my hair and the sand between my toes. It was pure heaven! Thanks so much for reading my blog and for the ever so sweet compliments! You rock!

      Have a wonderful day Kassy!



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