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In November I was scrolling through my instagram feed and I saw Motion Nutrition’s latest post. They were giving out health and fitness awards! So, of course, I had to show them my blog! They messaged me a week later and said I was chosen to be placed into their Best Running Blog category! I was so excited!

Over the last 6 years I’ve put so much energy into fitness and running that it was so nice to be acknowledged for my hard work!



I made a post on facebook, telling my friends and family about how I was nominated and that I would really appreciate their vote! Many wonderful friends shared the link and it took off from there. The girl who was in the lead was already over 200 votes! My ego was a bit of a bully, telling me there is no way I could ever catch up but I stayed positive and visualized my numbers rising.

2 days later I was head to head at 250 votes with this other girl! Flabbergasted, I decided to share the link on my local craigslist page in the “Free Stuff” section, sharing my story and asking for everyone’s vote! As the weeks past my numbers rose until I was at 680 votes! The polls closed on December 14th and I had won the whole race! I had finished with the most votes in every category! How? I don’t know. Maybe my visualizing worked! 😉 I’m really hoping that I inspired others with my story. I hope they could see the hard work that I put into training, eating healthy, and being committed to achieving my goals!

Determination, motivation, and inspiration!

So thank you so much to everyone who voted for me and a huge Thank you to Motion Nutrition for accepting my blog and placing it in the Best Running blog category! I am very humbled by this experience!


Wanna know my secrets?





Eating healthy is #1! If you don’t fuel your body with the proper food, there is no way you’re going to feel good enough to get your butt out and train. Eating tons of raw whole foods, and anti-inflammatory foods (like turmeric in your smoothies) every day is key! A PLANT BASED diet is awesome!

Believing in yourself is #2. Don’t let your ego tell you that your not good enough, or that you can’t do it, or that there is no point in trying cuz you’ll just give up. DON’T ALLOW YOURSELF TO QUIT! IT IS NOT AN OPTION! Believe that you are strong, and so worthy of all of your greatest dreams and they WILL come true!

Sticking to your plan is #3. You plan on training every week? Then do it! Rain or shine! Buy the gear and be prepared! And if it’s a crazy ass storm outside, then train inside – skip and do a HIIT workout!

Being hydrated is #4 – Drink plenty of water hours before you train and throughout the day (not right before or you get a stomach cramp. Running Tip – if you get thirsty and need a drink, put some water in your mouth, slosh it around and spit it out (if you do get cramps). Lemon water after waking up is awesome!

Strengthening is #5 – While you’re training it’s super important to also strengthen your body daily, with yoga, weight lifting, Zumba and/or HIIT workouts. If your legs are strong then your less likely to get injured. An infrared sauna helps heal your body after a workout and also helps heal old injuries (super cool)! Also a good stretch and foam roller should be used after a long run.

But they all go hand in hand. You need them all to accomplish your goals! So what are you waiting for? Go kick some butt!



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