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Last december in 2015 my husband Tod surprised me for my 30th birthday and took me to Mexico, on 2 days notice! It was exciting, hectic, and crazy all at the same time but I rolled with it and the vaca turned out AMAZING!!!! We were there for 7 nights and we came back feeling so blessed and in love with the place. We made a plan to go back. This past summer, on Tod’s birthday, we made the plan to go back.

The time for us to leave came in the blink of an eye. (PS I HATE FLYING! I get so sick on the decent down to Calgary (layover). I wish we could skip it!  I had the barf bag in my hand as my head was spinning. I was balling my eyes out cuz my stomach felt awful and I was so anxious. But besides that … everything else went perfect!)

We were headed back to sunny Puerto Vallarta. We stayed at the condo V177 in Old Town in Zona Romantica (The romantic zone). The weather was 32°, blue skies, and the humidity was around 70%! HOT HOT HOT!

We ate as healthy as we could, getting fresh fruit, vegetables, spices and brown rice from the local market almost every day. We did eat out at a beautiful restaurant called Salud Superfood, which was a two minute walk from our condo! But for all the rest of the meals we cooked! It was amazing cuz we did it together and we listened to Mexican music and danced and had fun!

On our first evening we got organic smoothies and walked along the ocean as the sun set. It was wonderful!

We went for a couple tours – the El Eden zip lining tour at the Predator set and we also did Rhythms of the Night, which was the most beautiful date ever. I can’t wait to do it all again some day!

We made smoothies everyday, workout out, swam in our rooftop pool, walked the city, and did a bit of flea market shopping. We saw cool animals, birds, and insects. We danced at a club. We laughed just enjoyed each others company. I tried to get as many awesome pictures as I could, but also made sure to leave both my cellphone and camera at the condo so I could spend some quality time with my man.

I highly recommend staying at condo V177! See it here! It’s a brand new building and it’s very quiet and safe! On the roof alone there is a pool, hot tub, gym, dinning area, TV with couches, Kitchen with fridge & BBQ, 2 lounge areas, bathrooms, and an outdoor shower! Like WTF!

There is an elevator (thank goodness), although my husband would run up the stairs every time, and there is no extra charge for anything. Rooms have cable TV, WIFI, kitchens, showers in bathrooms, beautiful kitchen for cooking, a deck with seating, large beds, and maid service each week. It really is a dream come true. And all of the staff know English quite well so it’s fun making friends with them!

The area is romantic all right. There are candles and tiki torches lit up along the beach side restaurants. Along the streets there are pubs with groovin’ tunes playing and everyone says Hola and is so very friendly!

A HUGE SIDE NOTE! There will be people asking you to go on a tour and to taste tequila on every block! As some of you may know Tod and I don’t drink (at all) so we politely say no and by the end of the trip they recognize us and stop asking, they only smile and say Hola. With tours DO NOT, I REPEAT, DO NOT let them convince you to see a hotel, or time share! They say it’s only 75 minutes of your time. You will be there 6-8 hours and you will be placed in 4 different rooms with people trying to get you to buy a place. When you say no you go to another room and you have another person trying to make a deal with you. This borderline harassment is NOT WORTH IT! They will offer you free stuff and a free breakfast (that isn’t even good). Don’t take it! When you want to go on a tour, tell them you’ll think about it and tell them You do not want to see a time share or hotel, you just want a deal on the tour and they will give you 10-15% off (if you are friendly) and then you can take that small deal and go on a tour. Even if you have to pay full price for the tour, it’s worth it! Just don’t go see a time share. We have heard horror stories from everyone, including both my parents and Tod’s parents! Tod’s parents both got $100 American go to see a time share and they said it wasn’t worth it!

What is there to do for fun in the area? Walk the Malecon Boardwalk. Walk into the authentic part of old town and walk until your feet fall off. It’s so worth it! Go on tours. Eat new foods. Walk in the sand. Play in the ocean (depending on the season you may not be able to). Admire the Mexican families playing in the ocean together. Check out flea markets. Go to restaurants. Make love as many times as possible. Go to the weekend markets. See the church and the botanical gardens. Do Rhythms of the Night (see it here). Go zip lining (see it here). Definitely check out Salud Super Food (see them on facebook here). Go on the pirate ship. Laze on the beach. Check out the new pier. Go on a food tour. Shop til you drop. Get a massage. Go dancing! Get an organic smoothie. Drink coconut water out of a coconut. Try 100% cacao chocolate (it’ll get you high, high on caffeine)! JUST LOVE LIFE!

If you want to a have a romantic vacation, seriously, go here! You’ll come home feeling fresh, rejuvenated, and high on life! But you may need to skip the tequila 😉

If you have any questions, please leave one below in the comment section! Thanks!

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