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I’m pretty sure everyone who eats healthy and works out is on the road to a better future.

I’ve been doing this awesome challenge that I created for myself. Not gunna lie, it was hard! And there were just as many downs and there were ups! At times I wanted to stay in bed, and there were times when I just wanted to give up during a workout but the new me is STRONG, DETERMINED, AND FULL OF SELF LOVE so after shaking off my thoughts, I’d get to where I need to be and I got the job done! I completed this challenge in absolute awe! I can’t believe I did it! Now that I’m done I want to carry on this routine, because I can honestly say that I have never, in my life, felt this GREAT!!

I have now turned my challenge into an ebook for you! Because if I can grow THIS MUCH, you can too!





I named the challenge Radiance. That was the first word that came to mind, because this challenge is truly a light that has lifted me up higher than I’ve ever been before! And now I feel radiant!

I worked out 5 days a week

I ate healthy.

I got plenty of good quality sleep.

I meditated.

And allowed myself to grow!

I was creative.

Did a bunch of health research.

And had fun checking off those boxes with each workout!

And this ebook will show you how!

Each day I would start the day waking up and being so grateful! This instantly would put a smile on my face and prep me for my awesome day ahead. After I would wash my face and smile at myself in the mirror. I would give myself compliments and really fill my love tank as full as I could. I made sure I started each morning feeling full of love! From there I was able to be more positive and give out of love throughout each day! Next was lemon water, workout and then I’d nourish my body and mind with an organic post-workout smoothie! So delicious!

This ebook also comes with the most delicious, awesome recipes that are from my books Healthy Food, Healthy Home, Healthy Life AND my unreleased book Love Your Healthy Body. They will keep you going strong – making you feel confident – with a boost of real energy!






I loved reading all the positive quotes and affirmations in the ebook. They totally boosted my mood and got me pumped to workout and eat healthy!

Radiance comes with 12 weeks of guidance! Printable workout sheets. Recipes. Motivational Quotes. Daily words to focus on. Nutrition info.  Online coaching . And so much more!


“This challenge will not only change your

life, but it will help you become the best

version of yourself! FOR YOU!” – Mandy Dugas






I promise you, if you take this challenge with me you’ll be glowing from the inside out, you’ll be well rested with tons of lasting energy, and you’ll look at the world differently! You’ll see results in health and in fitness that you only dreamed of! Who wouldn’t want that!!??






If you’ve taken the Radiance Challenge before – please leave a review below in the comment section below! Or if you’d like to know more, please ask away!

Radiance! It will change your life!


It changed mine! Now, who’s with me!

We are starting up again mid-March so please stay tuned for more details!

♥ Mandy


  1. The Radiance Challenge with Mandy Dugas was one of the most inspiring experiences I’ve had in a long time. I had gotten myself stuck in a rut and was feeling run down and unloveable. Through her ebook, and online support and motivation I managed to get myself on the road to self love and better health. While I had moments of relapse into bad habits and feelings of doubt I was consistently supported by the Radiance group and most often Mandy herself who took the time to individually acknowledge each of our struggles but also our succeses. She encouraged us along the way, cheering us on every morning. Although I had many days that I did not participate I continued to look forward to her positive and joyful messages each day. I wish her the best on every step of her journey and encourage anyone who is even slightly curious to take the time to try this challenge. You won’t regret it.

    1. Thank you so much Gabriella, for that wonderful comment! I’m so happy you joined the team. It was wonderful watching you and the others grow in love and light! I consider each one of you a great friend. We have been through so much together. ♥ I wish you all the best on your next journey! Take care!! 🙂

  2. Amazingly Beautiful, Inspirational, and a Breathtaking Awakening!!!!!!

    Mandy Dugas!!!! I have nothing but wonderful words to say about you, and your challenge.
    The Radiance Challenge was such a unique experience that woke every fiber in my body. Being a mother of two littles, I was constantly on the go and being pulled from one direction to another. I had found myself becoming tired, impatient and lacking the time I needed to be the best version of myself. I had lost a bit of who I was, and what I meant, while taking care of my family and others around me. My awareness of self love and gratitude grew emmensely through this challenge and rekindled my spirit. Every day was filled with inspiration, qoutes, side challenges, recipes, exercise videos, extensive knowledge on nutrition and holositc health, and constant communication and support networks through the group. The amount of time and love that Mandy put into her ebook and this challenge was phenomenal. An amzing 15 weeks of daily interactions where Mandy posted and responded to every comment. By far one of the most awekening experiences I have had!!! I am greatful to have been a part of this challenge and excited to continue on in my journey.
    I let go, I grew, I gave, and I have became more xoxo

    1. Shannon!

      It was such a blast having you as part of the Radiance Challenge last round! You were always posting, motivated, and willing to learn. Watching you grow was such a crazy trip for me. It was beautiful! You grew into a woman who regained her vitality back (which is so important after we have kids). By the middle of the challenge you were full of love, happiness, and positive energy and you shined girl! Thank you so much for doing this challenge and I would ABSOLUTELY LOVE to have you on again! xoxo

      Take care!!


  3. I did this challenge with Mandy and she was amazing. She put so much energy into creating it and then encouraging us to make small yet huge changes in our daily lives. Personally due to a crazy school semester and work and life I myself was a bit distracted but I would absolutely do this challenge again and I really appreciate and thank Mandy for the hard work she put into it ❤️

    1. Katie!

      Thank you so much for being a part of group for the last round! Loved seeing you do this challenge PLUS do the elimination diet! You were so positive and posted often, so I thank you from the bottom of my heart. Thanks for always being such a wonderful, inspiring friend! I’d love to have you join us next time!

      Take care girl! xoxo


  4. I will keep this short and sweet! I would highly recommend trying the Radiance Challenge with Mandy. She is a truly inspiring human being which completely shows through this challenge. It is a completely manageable challenge that stives towards maintaining a healthy lifestyle physically, mentally and emotionally. There is constant support from like minded amazing people including & especially Mandy. This group & challenge really boosted my moral whenever feeling low and motivated me to be the best version of myself possible! Thank you Mandy!

    1. Dear sweet Amirah,

      Having you in this group always put a smile on my face. Your dedication to your lifestyle is so profound and inspiring! Thank you for posting often and for working your butt off – in fitness and in health! I hope you have an amazing ride in this journey we call life! I know you’ll go far! I’d love to have you join us again soon.



  5. Hello Mandy.

    My name is Anna and I was wondering if you are doing this challenge again soon?

    I’m looking for a full lifestyle make over due to some recent news about my health.

    This challenge seems like JUST the thing I need.

    ♥ Anna

    1. Hey Anna. Yes we are doing the challenge again soon. It’s going to be 12 weeks instead of 15 and it starts in Mid March! Stay tuned to the blog for more details! I would love to have you join us for the next round. Take care!


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