I knew Tod was going down Island to look at a motor home. 

'So why hasn't he called? It’s been hours. We were downtown for a bit... maybe I should check the house phone...’

'No messages... oh but he did call! I'll call him back.’

Tod picked up his phone, "Hey!" 
"Hey babe how’s your trip going?"
"Good. We (Tod and his parents) got here and the motorhome is in perfect shape. The husband isn't here so we talked to the wife about the motor home. She said that a lady is planning on taking it for a test drive and bring it to the mechanics soon. Although I don't know why because the whole engine has been rebuilt. It sleeps 4 comfortably and has a bathroom in the back. The fabric is 90's but has no tears. It has a bike rack too!”
"Cool! Sounds like they really took care of it. What do your parents think?”
"My mom really likes it. And so does my dad. Mom said if she got a motorhome, it would be one like this."
"Yes. But that lady wants to take it to the mechanics still..."
"Right. So we'll have to wait?"
"Well I asked the wife if I could please speak to the husband and she gave me his number and I called and talked to him."
"Oh! What did he say about it?"
"Well I told him that I really like it. I said that I understand a lady who came before me wants to take it out for a drive to the mechanics.....but I looked it over and it looks great. I said I am here now and want to make an offer...."
"...I said I'd be willing to put down $$$ and the man said he needed to talk to his wife first and then would call me back..."
"....he called back and said My wife and I will be willing to go down to $$$ but no lower. So I agreed .... 
and gave him a down payment."
"What!? Really? What about the other lady?"
"What about her?"
"I guess she didn't give them a down payment or anything hey!? She might not have even bought it after she took it to the mechanics. Hmmm....
So we own a motorhome!?"
"Yes! Well that is if you like it too!"
"Awesome! I'll see you in a couple hours? Love you."
"LOVE YOU!!!!!"

Tod came home and we made plans to see it together before we made the final purchase.

A week later we drove down island to look at the motorhome once more. I could totally tell Tod knew we were getting it. He was sooo excited. I'm not going to lie, I was still a bit skeptical. We pulled in the owners drive way and I saw the motorhome. It was on the smaller side - 21 feet (i'm used to camping in my parents 5th wheel mansion, which is around 29 feet!). It totally had a late 80's style, but very well kept and the man who owned it informed us of everything. The only problem - the hot water tank was broken. 
'I can live with that!'

"So, do you like it?" Tod politely asks
"I do! It's super cute and has lots of space, surprisingly. The fridge is brand new and the stove is super clean. And it has a tape player, too funny!"
"We can get one of those tapes with the cord to plug our ipod in" said Tod
"Oh sweet! I used to have one of those for my BMW, until I got a CD player installed. They work great." I replied
"So....Is it a yes?"
“Yes!!! Let's get it!"

Hugs and kisses all around. My husband is awesome!

The kids and I took our new, but used, motorhome to a Miracle Beach, just outside of town, for a week. We came home a couple times to get a good night’s sleep. This was Kyri's first time camping, for a 2 and a half year old she did pretty good actually, better then Seth, our 9 year old. Grrr boys sometimes ('nough said).

Tod and I took the kids to a music festival called Atmosphere and it seriously changed my life! It was a total hippy "atmosphere" and there were kids running around naked, organic baking and fruit, happy dancing people, GREAT music, cool stuff for sale like tonics, kombucha, handmade clothes, hair pieces, and jewelry, AND I got to see a whole bunch of long lost friends of mine! And Seth was happy that his biological dad was there too. We took the trailer and parked it on the side of the street and slept in it while the kids went to my parents for the night. Tod and I had a wonderful time being alone and reconnecting! We fell even more in love and had a great time shaking our booties together and bonding! The festival was so diverse from DJ's to bands and people playing really cool instruments! Tons of crazy rave music at night tho. WOW! My mind was blown! I will definitely be going again with the family next year!

Two weeks later we camped down island with my parents for a weekend and had a great time.

I love cooking in the motorhome! It's so small but a challenge I love. I love cutting potatoes into small cubes, making hash browns - frying them with garlic, onion and a diced yellow pepper, then topping it off with ketchup and mustard. Or fried rice with veggies, fried in minced ginger and braggs (soy sauce alternative). Salad is always easy since I make the dressing at home previously then pack all of our fave seasonal veggies. I even got a purple cauliflower from my garden! But then their is my mom who goes all out. She makes eggs benny for my dad, then for dinner - a full steak meal with caramelized onions, mushrooms, and small yukon gold potatoes, and a Greek salad with feta and dressing. I must say I get my cooking passion from her!

I purposely haven't been blogging this summer because I wanted to spend all my time with my family, but today is one of those days where I decided I NEED TO SHARE THIS RECIPE WITH THE WORLD (it's just to good to keep all to myself)! 

Along with this smoothie, life's been great!

I have been learning so much this summer, about parenting, being a wife, helping others, cooking, what my passions are, volunteering, and about being a good person. I turn 30 this year and feel like I am finally coming out of my adolescent shell. I am very excited to be 30 because I am FAR past my expectations of what I dreamed of for my 30 year old self (If that makes sense…).

This smoothie is my morning life line. I drink it for breakfast and giver, all day long!

Matcha Mint Smoothie
Get a boost of pure nutrition with this smoothie. If you don’t know much about matcha or maca (another important ingredient) I’ll let you know what’s up! Both Maca and Matcha come in powder form and have many vitamins, minerals and other health enhancing properties. Matcha is a higher quality green tea powder. Monks in Japan used to drink Matcha to stay alert and calm during meditation. Now, we drink it because its super high in antioxidants (I’m almost sick of this word) but it has antioxidants that aren’t found in food that we need. Antioxidants help fight free radicals caused by pollution, GMOs, stress, and working out and then helps fight cancer cells. It contains more amino acids (the cells used to build protein) then other teas and also boosts our metabolism & energy, without making us crash after like coffee or soda, and it also is a gentle detoxifier. Maca comes from the maca root. It comes gelatinized or raw. Gelatinized is cooked, which kills some nutrients but is much easier to digest then raw maca. If you have digestion problems buy gelatinized maca but if not, then raw is the most beneficial, with the most nutrients. Maca helps woman during their time of the month - reducing cramps and balancing hormones. It also helps woman who are going through menopause - calming anxiety and hot flashes. I’ve read online not to take maca while pregnant and breastfeeding but I did during both and I had great health and so did my baby. If anything it helped me with my pregnancy mood swings. Maca, like matcha, also boosts our energy and gives our bodies iron to help restore our red blood cells. Maca has been known to help reduce skin blemishes and acne. Without further ado I give you my amazing match mint smoothie! xoxo

Serves 1


- 2 frozen bananas (freeze over night or 3 hours previously)
- 1 tsp. matcha powder
- 1 tsp. maca root powder
- ¾ cup almond milk or another non-dairy milk you prefer (hemp, rice or coconut)
- ¾ cup purified water
- 2 Tbsp. maple syrup or raw honey (optional but highly recommended)
- 1 - 2 drops peppermint extract or peppermint essential oil
- a dash of ground Celtic sea salt

Add to your high speed blender and blend on high until smooth. Usually around 20 seconds. Serve immediately and enjoy over slowly over the next half hour.

God bless summer! And now I'm ready for fall! Who's with me!?


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Thank you everyone for your patients with my blog! I have been having too much fun doing family stuff, so naturally my blog has been coming last.

I have been inspired by ETB Fit to write a post on my training routine before my latest run! Please read my last post My First Half Marathon.

Story Time:
It was New Year’s Eve, around 11:30 pm, and we were all sharing our goals for the next year. I had the bright idea to dream big and make a goal so crazy my teenage self would have dropped her jaw in horror (only because I wasn't big on being active). The goal was TO RUN A HALF MARATHON IN THE YEAR 2015. And as I said the words to my family I was thinking....this isn't set in stone right? But I've never backed out of a goal yet so I was determined to get excited, get in running shape, and do my best!

Just so you know a bit about me and my running past I need to share some info with you! I was born pigeon toed in 1985 (not that the year really matters but I thought I'd add that in there). By the time high school came along gym class was my worst nightmare. Running was hell on earth. Not only were my knees in a sharp pain but my hips throbbed and I was failing class because I could not run! 

A month into class my mom started writing me notes each day and by the second week of handing in notes my gym class teacher said I that I was going to fail his class... unless I brought him a doctor’s note.

Off to the doctors I went and got a note. My Dr. liked to add that I will probably need surgery by the time I am 25 years old if I don't "Take it Easy".

I started going to a chiropractor, who noticed my hips weren't level and I needed some major readjustment. Snap, Crackle, Pop and 3 months later of torture I was back on track. At this point gym class was over and I never did anything "athletic" in my teen years. 

UNTIL I turned 25 I decided to try hot yoga...I did it a couple times and realized it was not my thang. My mom invited me to a Zumba class and I had no idea what to expect but I instantly fell in love with the diversity in music and moves. I took classes twice a week and still am going. I honestly believe that all that fun dancing built my muscles slowly to the point where I was able to run run run!

Another thing that played another HUGE role in my pre-excersing was eating healthy! Before I started Zumba I started eating healthier. My husband, who was my new boyfriend at the time, ate a plant based whole foods diet, meat 2-3 times a week, fruit for breakfast, large salads every day, and veggies sandwiches with unpasteurized cheese and sprouted grain bread, all organic and delicious! But a huge change for me. Smoking, drinking, junk food, pasteurized dairy, sugary condiments, deep fried foods, coffee, breakfast cereals, microwavable dinners, and candy all went out the window.

I never even knew you could eat kale raw! How sad is that!? But I was sooo stoked when I had the best kale salad of my life!

It was so hard for me to transition into this new healthy lifestyle! But as I read and researched the crap out of healthy foods and how they benefit our bodies I learned how this lifestyle would soon improve my life...drastically! Eventually our diet completely cut out dairy, gluten, and all refined products.

As time went on I noticed my blemishes were going away, my dry skin cleared, my hair became shiny, my cycles became regular, my anemia was leaving - I needed less sleep, my iron levels became normal, and I had more energy. I started losing weight without even trying. One day I just noticed all my pants were too big. It was time to go shopping! 

I noticed that my body was healing. All this awesome food was helping my body thrive and I was feeling awesome. This is what got me excited about starting to work out. 

I had still not run at all at this point.

I started Zumba in Sept of 2011 and went for my first 10km run in April 2012, 7 months after starting exercising. I trained maybe 3 times before the run. Running only 4km, then 5km, then 6km then race day. Yes I'm crazy to only train 3 times but my body felt great! And after this 10km race I had NO problems with my knees or hips. I was 26 and running! IN YOUR FACE DR!

My husband was an avid runner and was training to run his first half marathon at this point. He inspires me and his parents to run in each local race!

After that I ran another 10K, an 8K, and two 5ks…and had a baby.

After my latest 10K I told Tod, my husband, “I could keep going!” And that is when the thought of running a half marathon sparked.

K so now that you know my history I’ll bring you back to the New Year of 2015. It was January and I was determined to get in training as much as I possibly could, between parenting, Zumba, church, and writing my book ‘Healthy Food, Healthy Home, Healthy Life’.

My training goal was to run up to 18km before race day. Start slow and add on a km or two each run, each week.
The first time I trained was the 2nd week of January and I ran a whopping total distance of 3.5K and I was pooped right out. I knew I had a far way to go and I was not giving up! The next distance I ran was 5km, then 7km, then 9km, then 10km, and then 12km. I got sick so I took a 3 week break and let my body fully heal and detox and then I ran 18km! I felt great! Other forms of exercise I did while I was doing my training was yogalattes once a week at home, I did this online video, and Zumba twice a week at the gym.

After each run to help blisters or sore patches tea tree oil all over my feet was a must!

My eating regimen wasn’t too strict (to me but it may be to you). I was already eating a plant based whole foods diet. All organic, no take out. No dairy, or refined flours, sugar, or salt and almost no gluten (sprouted grain bread was what I would eat if I had a sandwich). I had gone vegetarian a month earlier and stuck to it (all meat really backed up my system and it made me feel sluggish and tired). I got my protein from veggies, nuts and seeds, beans and rice, and buckwheat. No soy. 

My days looked like this...

Upon awaking each morning I start my day off with a large mug of warm lemon water. It's just warm purified water with half a lemon squeezed in. I drink it over slowly the next half hour while I got ready for the day. Lemon water is the best way to start each morning, BECAUSE

  • it gently kick starts your metabolism, 
  • it gives you a long last boost of energy, 
  • once the lemon water hits your small intestines it is very alkalizing to the system,
  • lemons help keep you hydrated,
  • enhance your mood and freshens your breath
Lemons electrons spin  in the opposite direction from all other foods, giving us even MORE energy!

Key note * Do not use boiling water because it will kill the enzymes and living nutrients in the lemon water.

Breakfast everyday - fruit, berries and smoothies. Bananas, oranges, apples, pears, nectarines, plums...whatever was in season. I had around 2-3 pieces of fruit each morning 30 minutes after my lemon water digested. I love berries and bananas in my smoothies. I also add maca powder, a dash of celtic sea salt, and sometimes I'd add hemp seed.

Around 11 is when I had lunch, or brunch you could say. Most days I had sprouted buckwheat (say what?) click here if you wanna know what I'm talking about. Or I'd have humus with Mary's Crackers, or porridge, or a big salad, or occasionally I'd have a veggie sandwich on sprouted grain bread.

For snacks I would dehydrated fruit leather, make homemade granola bars, or just have a spoonful of almond butter with raw honey.

I liked to have a tea around 2 pm everyday. I was still breastfeeding a this time so I didn't consume much caffeine, only rooibos or herbal tea. The only caffeine I had was from dark chocolate on occasion and matcha powder (green tea) on race day.

For dinner I always made our family something homemade, from scratch, had tons of veggies and grains, and satisfied our taste buds. You can search my blog through the recipe tab and check out all my dinner recipes. The three main things we liked to stay away from were gluten, refined white sugar, and pasteurized dairy. All of these foods are super acidic in the body and its hard for our bodies to heal and have energy when we are constantly consuming them.

We would have one of my delicious homemade desserts when we had people over for dinner, usually once a week. I'd say around 3 times a week we'd have popcorn or coconut milk ice cream as a treat (or one of my creations)!

Before I work out I drink my famous pre-work out shake, which is full of nutrition, that gives me a pure boost of energy for my run and Zumba classes. Ingredients like Maca, Spirulina, & Chlorella helped me tremendously, not just during my run but in my everyday life. They contain tons of nutrients, more then most foods actually, and it really helps with your energy levels and over all performance. Together they have large amounts of Vitamin A, iron, and amino acids.

Pre-Work Out Shake
Our family drinks this shake before strenuous workouts to help give us a boost of real energy. Ask my Zumba ladies if I have energy during class! My husband also drinks this shake and then runs 40km+ each week. Or just drink it every am for your daily source of energy!

Serves 1

·         1 banana (this is a must)
·         1/2 cup mixed berries, fresh or frozen, such as strawberries, blackberries, blueberries and raspberries - whatever you have
·         1/2 tsp. chia seeds
·         1/2 tsp. maca powder
·         1/2 tsp. chlorella powder
·         1/2 tsp. spirulina powder
·         1 1/2 cups filtered water
·         a dash of celtic sea salt, ground

1. Add all of the ingredients to a high speed blender and blend until smooth! Serve. Drink at least half an hour before working out. For best results drink on an empty stomach.

ON RACE DAY - I add a tsp of Matcha green tea powder to my pre-work out shake to give me a bit more of a boost!

Recipe from my old blog post here

Keep hydrated & fueled - Did I drink any of those gel packs during the race? No! I made my own. I don't drink Gatorade or anything they hand out during the race. 1 reason why - any liquid intake gives me huge cramps. I made sure to drink extra water the 3 days prior to the race. Being hydrated is super important! Especially when you aren't drinking throughout the race. My husband does though. He takes a mouth full and swishes it around in his mouth for a while, only swallowing little bits at time and he manages to stay cramp free.

My gel pack that I made includes 

  • 5 soaked dates
  • 1 banana
  • 1 tsp. matcha powder
  • 1 tsp. maca powder
  • 1 tbsp chia seeds
and I blended it up with water, just enough to blend it so it was still thick like a gel. Then I placed it in a sandwich sized ziploc bag and put it in my pocket on race day morning. At the 20ish km mark I took it out and opened it and ate it slowly over the next km. It was surprisingly good. It honestly have me enough fuel to kick butt and finish this half marathon without stopping!

Now that I decided to run a half marathon, which one do I pick? I did research online to see which races were in my area. I chose the Times Colonist Half Marathon. 

Try to pick ones that are 4 months + away so you have time to train. Or if you are fit, healthy, and ready to go then pick any run you wish.

I love the races in Victoria BC. The Times Colonist runs are beautiful, which include a 10k, a half marathon, 10k walk, and a family walk. You don't even have to run to be a part of the excitement! The Times Colonist raises money for charities and during this year’s run they raised and donated $40,000! Now that's amazing! I have done the TC 10k twice now and the half marathon once! So proud to have done them both!

Below was the half marathon route I followed.

The Gear I wear is Nike pants or shorts, breathable tank tops, a good fitting sports bra, New Balance shoes, and good fitting socks is very important. and if needed (during the run) I pace band-aids on my heals so my shoes don't cut open the back of my ankles.

My inspiration was my husband, who is a long distance runner and never stops training! Athletes like Rich Roll, who has a great book out 'Finding Ultra' and does podcasts that we listen to almost every night, totally inspire us to be our best. Brendan Brazier and his chef wrote a book called The Thrive Energy Cookbook. 

It totally inspired me to fuel my body with plant based foods! I highly recommend getting any and all of his books if you want to learn about healthy foods and how they effect our bodies! The 'Thrive Diet' and 'Whole Foods to Thrive' are two of our favorites. Conscious Health by Ron Garner was my first read and it changed my life! He later wrote The Disease-Free Revolution and I was honored to help Ron edit it. I even got my testimonial added to the back of his book :) Super cool! 

After each run I like to do a bit of stretching, for about 5 minutes. Lots of leg and foot stretches, or else I get extra stiff! Eating Alkalizing foods really helps the pain and soreness go away. If you can make your way to a local pool where they have a sauna, you should totally get in there for 30 min - an hour! It helps heal your body so much faster! My favourite smoothie to drink after my race can be found here!

No matter what you decide to do make sure you are committed and you stay true to your word! As intimidating as your goal may be, if you complete it you will be super proud of your accomplishments! Trust me, it will change your life!

I have honestly NEVER felt this great in my adult life and I know it has everything to do with my diet & exercise!



I don’t even know where to start this post...

I could go back 5 years ago, explaining to you how I was the biggest couch potato on the planet, how I never worked out, and how I even LOATHED runners.

I didn't even start really getting active until I met my husband. He was in love with running. It brought him freedom and excitement. It gave him alone time, and it was a goal that he loved to fulfil. 

Tod (my husband) was always so alive, vibrant, happy, energetic, and healthy. I want that. I wanted energy! I was always borderline anaemic so I blamed my laziness on that. Tod inspired me to start eating healthy, to get active, and to create goals of my own.

Zumba became my thing and running has always been Tod's thing, but after I started going to races with Tod and his parents I decided I wanted in on the action.

I have always been pigeon toed since the day I was born and in high school I would get my mom to write my gym teachers notes so I wouldn’t have to run. My knees and hips would hurt so bad that I would be limping and crying after gym class. So bizarre! 

So yes I was a bit hesitant to start working out cuz I could remember the pain that my legs caused me. But I was eating healthy and was determined to get fit. So I decided to train to run a 10km race, and I did it, without pain! And another, and another. I ran an 8 km in between, then a 15 km.

If you've been following me on my blog or Instagram you'd know I've been training since January for this dreaded half marathon. It was my New Years Resolution to run it and during the last week I regretted it with all my heart. I was so worried I would stop, get hurt, and give up!

I NEVER STOP RUNNING. It's my goal. I don't care what my time is I just cannot stop running...It’s my goal because as a kid & teenager I always stopped.

We drove 2 and a half hours to our provinces capital to run this race. Tod watched the kids so I could get up early, drink my pre work out shake (with some extra matcha to kick start my adrenaline) and then he dropped me off at the University's stadium, where the start line was. 

Photo taken my Mary Tjart

Omg I was so nervous and it was so cold out. I lined up for the washroom over and over again. It's funny how your body just wants to empty itself out before a run.

I met two super awesome girls that I hung out with before the run! They kept me laughing and super pumped for the run, which made the time go by so fast. I was so happy that they added me on facebook after! 

I totally forgot to locate the satellite on my Garmin watch before the whistle blew so I was already running before I pressed start on my watch.

Gosh I swear, running with hundreds of people around you is sooo EXCITING! You are so pumped, nervous, and crazy, all at the same time. I had my sights set on a tall guy who had a nice pace. I kept up behind him until he totally disappeared (maybe he was a ghost). I remembered seeing 4km sign and thinking OMG OKAY ONLY FIVE MORE OF THOSE TO GO (and a bit), KILL ME NOW.

Photo taken by Mary Tjart

The weather was perfect. There was an over cast sky and the sun was slightly coming out. By the 8th kilometre the sun was playing tricks on us. Coming out and then hiding again. But it didn't rain once.

 There were so many awesome people cheering us on on the sides of the road. Some of the signs were hilarious, like “Get on! I’ll piggy back you the rest of the way!” or “Your almost there! 2km left to go. Oh wait no I lied. You’re not that close!” actually I was quite mad at that one….

There were water stations every 3kms but I decided not to drink anything because I always get a cramp while I run. Good tip on cramps - If you have a cramp on your right side, hold your right arm up in the air and use your left hand to hold pressure on your cramp and honestly, in no time flat your cramp will be gone. 

Anyway back to the run. I couldn't believe the track, we ran down streets with mansions and golf courses and ocean views. It was unreal! It made the time go by so much faster.

Every time I would get tired and my body would say WALK MANDY WALK JUST DO IT, I'd come back and say YA RIGHT! Just keep going and you'll break through this! And I would always keep going and then after I break through that wall of tiredness it would be smooth sailing for another 3km, then again the battle of the mind telling me I needed to stop.

At 10km I slurped on a homemade gel pack that I made the day before. It contained a banana, dates, 2 Tbsp. chia seeds, matcha powder, maca powder, and water. It was a brown slime, with no added colours or preservatives! But it tasted great and it totally gave me that extra boost of pure energy (nutrition) to take me the other 10.1km.

Running is so much more than just about being fit, or about accomplishing a crazy goal, it's about training your mind to not give up! You have to tell it, numerous times, not to give up. You have to boost yourself up, tell yourself you’re worth it, that your dreams do matter, and that you can have it all, just keep pushing forward. It's amazing how great you feel once it's over.

Photo taken my Mary Tjart

I saw my ghost man and past him at this point.

There were two ladies who were crazy runner/walkers. They would almost sprint, then walk, then sprint, then walk. I don’t know how they kept that up but I was hot on their tail the whole run until 16km, then I passed them for good. I was so excited when they didn’t run past me AGAIN at turbo speed. They must have stopped for water at the last station and got a cramp….

Tod, his parents, and two of our kids (the third one stayed home) met me at the 17km mark and said "Hey! I love you" and gave me high fives "We'll see you at the finish line!" My plan was to keep an even pace the whole race and speed things up a bit at the end but I just couldn't run any faster. I decided to keep that same even pace for the remaining last kilometres.

As I came around the last bend I had way too many emotions to even name. I was crying in pure happiness AND wanted to throw up. I saw Tod’s mom again and she yelled my name and I knew it was almost over!

I followed a lady down the road to the finish line, I raised my arms, closed my eyes and smiled as I crossed that line. I smiled so hard I could have laughed at how happy I was to finally be done. A wonderful old lady congratulated me with a metal and I looked for my husband, while trying my best to walk. 

Showering after never felt so good. I could barely stand and the hot water made me feel nauseous again. I still had that overwhelming feeling of I DID IT. I was a proud chicka and I still am. Now, let's see what other goals I can accomplish in this life time!

I wanted beautiful photography in this post so thank you to my sister Mary for letting me use some of hers :)



I am running a half marathon in two days.

Someone please help me walk after!

As soon as I am done my run THIS is the drink I will be asking my hubby to make me.

Then a long drive back home :)

Serves 1

  • 1 cup filtered water
  • 5 dates, pits removed and soaked in the filtered water for 15 minutes or longer
  • 2 Tbsp. hemp hearts
  • 1 heaping Tbsp. almond butter or any nut butter of your choice (sunflower seed butter is great for people who are allergic to nuts)
  • 2 Tbsp. pure maple syrup #2
  • 1 tsp. carob powder (optional but highly recommended)
  • 1/2 tsp. maca powder (optional but highly recommended)
  • a dash of cinnamon
  • 4 ice cubes

1. Remove pits from dates and let soak in the 1 cup filtered water for 15 + minutes, along with hemp hearts.

2. Blend ingredients, without ice first, until smooth. Add ice and blend for 5 seconds. Serve!

This is by far our favourite post work out smoothie. We drink it as a dessert drink like 3-4 days a week, because it's so darn good! I highly recommend making this after long runs or strenuous work outs. Your taste buds will be happy for the rest of the day!

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